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Small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) need a quick and intuitive way to
gather, organize, analyze and forecast their cash position every day. SMBs
also need intelligent and easy to understand information that is accurate,
secure, timely, and delivered when and where they need it.

Cash Analytics™ is the only solution that provides a time and cost effective
daily cash management platform for SMBs. Its unique analytics provide the
needed intelligence about your customers'
cash personality while helping
your bank become a more valued trusted advisor.

Analytic intelligence is in reach for SMBs and TreasSure Solutions Cash
Analytics™ is leading the way...
Trusted Advisor
Opportunities for Banks
Cash Intelligence
Needs of SMBs
revolutionary cash management tools
revenue and margin enhancement for banks
To learn more, request a copy of our white paper:
Defining Analytics for Daily Cash Management Using Cash Analytics™